Damian Lillard Net Worth: The $100 Million Wealthy World Of NBA’s Star


Introduction: Damian Lillard Net Worth Journey.

In this article, we are going to look through the journey of a great player Damian Lillard, who is an American professional basketball player. He has not only left an indelible impression on the NBA but also amassed with significant net worth. The total Damian Lillard net worth is near around $100 million. Damian Lillard’s journey from humble beginnings to NBA stardom is nothing but very inspirational to the young professional. In this article, we will go deep into his early years, net worth, Biography, Lifestyle, professional successes, Achievements, and roles beyond the basketball court.

Damian Lillard net worth

Damian Lillard’s Childhood Life:

The full name of Damian Lillard is Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr. who was born on 15th July 1990, in Oakland, California. His basketball talents became visible during his high school years in San Lorenzo, California. Despite facing setbacks and transferring between schools to secure more playing time, Lillard’s determination and talent shone through. At Oakland High School, he established himself as a formidable player. From 2008 to 2012, for over four years Damian Lillard attended Weber State Wildcats at Weber State University located in Ogden, Utah.

Damian Lillard’s Career:

At starting his career, Damian Lillard’s talent was soon recognized by the selectors and he was picked by the Portland Trail Blazers for their team. By scoring 23 points and passing 11 assists in his first game of his debut year, he made an unforgettable remark. This outstanding record was achieved by just three players in NBA history.

He finished the season with an average of 19 points per game, which helped to win him the NBA Rookie of the Year Award together with basketball superstars like Blake Gryphon and David Robinson. By scoring a game-winning, buzzer-beating three-point shot against the Houston Rockets, in the 2013-2014 season, Lillard imprinted his name in NBA history. During his career, Damian Lillard kept his outstanding as well as amazing performance, which helped him in his selection to the NBA All-Star Game in 2015.

Damian Lillard’s Success and Achievements:

In 2015, Damian Lillard’s contributions to the NBA were successfully rewarded when he signed a five-year, $120 million contract extension. The same period additionally included a rapid accumulation of awards, such as becoming the NBA’s fastest player to hit 600 career three-point shots. Unfortunately, in 2015 an injury to his foot ended his 275-game victory series. Despite a damaged ankle in 2016, Lillard’s performance was remarkable, and he was awarded with ‘Magic Johnson Award’ at the end of the 2016-2017 season. His remarkable achievements continued by winning various awards including the ‘2020 NBA Bubble Most Valuable Player’ and the ‘NBA Rising Star Award.’

Apart from his skills, his leadership on and off the court has strengthened his place as a basketball legend. Surprisingly, he has maintained injury injury-free games throughout his career, which helped him to enhance his game. On 8 July 2022, Damian Lillard signed a historic two-year, $122 million contract extension with the Trail Blazers. This ground-breaking deal not only makes him the first player to earn over $60 million annually in salary but also shatters the $50 million barrier.

Damian Lillard Family:

Damian Lillard mother’s name is Gina Johnson and his father’s name is Houston Lillard. His parents played a crucial role in his upbringing, supporting his basketball aspirations from a young age. They provided the foundation for his work ethic and determination. Damian Lillard has several siblings, including Houston Jr., LaNae, and Lill, among others. While he has achieved fame and success, he remains connected to his siblings, sharing the journey of life’s ups and downs.

About his life partner, Damian Lillard is married to Kay’La Hanson, who is an American registered nurse and businesswoman. They have three children, two sons named Damian Jr., and Kalii, & a daughter named Kali. Damian Lillard’s family provides him with a strong support system, and he frequently expresses gratitude for their role in his life. Despite his busy career and various ventures, he prioritizes spending quality time with his loved ones, showcasing the importance of family in his journey to success.

Damian Lillard: The Brand and His Brand Endorsements.

Damian Lillard has successfully combined his on-court abilities with lucrative commercial endorsement deals. His partnership with Adidas commenced in 2012 when he joined the Blazers. Two years later, he secured a 10-year contract with Adidas, reportedly valued at $100 million. Lillard even has his signature shoe line, the Adidas Dame. In addition to Adidas, he has collaborated with various other brands, such as Powerade, Spalding, Panini, Foot Locker, JBL, Biofreeze, and Moda Health. Additionally, he joined the ranks of NBA players endorsing Hulu to promote the streaming platform’s live sports service.

Damian Lillard Beyond Basketball Court:

Damian Lillard’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the basketball court. In 2020, in partnership with his long-time friend and business associate Brian Sanders, he purchased a Toyota dealership in McMinnville, Oregon. He also shown his talent in the music industry. In the world of music, Lillard is a talented rapper known as ‘Dame D.O.L.L.A.’ In 2015, He released his debut single, and In 2016, followed it up with his first album, ‘The Letter O.’ Subsequently in 2017 and 2019, he released a second and third album, respectively. His music career has included collaborations with renowned artists like ‘Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter Jr.)’ and ‘Mozzy (Timothy Patterson)’.


Damian Lillard’s outstanding journey from Oakland to NBA popularity, along with his smart financial choices and successful ventures apart from basketball, represents his astounding narratives and helps to grow Damian Lillard net worth. Damian Lillard’s reputation as a basketball hero and an entrepreneurial force continues to expand, with a Damian Lillard net worth of $100 million and ground-breaking contracts. His story inspires both young athletes and businesspeople, highlighting the importance of skill, persistence, and a never-ending search for ultimate perfection.


1. What is Damian Lillard net worth 2023?

Ans- Damian Lillard net worth 2023 is near around $100 million to $120 million.

2. Does Damian Lillard have a private jet?

Ans- No, there is no private jet registered under Damian Lillard name.

3. What business does Damian Lillard own?

Ans- In 2020, in partnership with his long-time friend and business associate Brian Sanders, he purchased a Toyota dealership in McMinnville, Oregon.

4. What is Damian Lillard net worth 2022?

Ans- Damian Lillard net worth 2022 is near around $80 million to $100 million.

5. What is Damian Lillard wife’s name?

Ans- Damian Lillard wife name is Kay’La Hanson.

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